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Explore the ALEx RS exoskeleton in an immersive 3D view, showcasing its innovative design and advanced features.

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Innovative Tendon-Actuated Design for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

ALEx RS is built on a novel tendon-actuated transmission system, ensuring exceptional comfort, lightweight structure, and seamless operation for patients. This CE-certified medical device, classified as IIa, stems from the extensive robotic design tradition of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, specifically tailored for post-stroke clinical rehabilitation.


Comprehensive Upper Limb Support with Advanced Sensorized Joints

The ALEx RS exoskeleton offers six Degrees of Freedom (DoFs) for comprehensive upper limb support. It includes four sensorized and actuated joints for shoulder abduction-adduction, rotation, flexion-extension, and elbow flexion-extension. Additionally, it features two sensorized and passive joints for forearm pronation-supination and wrist flexion-extension. The unique shoulder joint kinematics make the exoskeleton easy to wear and adjust to various body sizes, covering about 92% of the natural arm workspace for natural spatial movements.


High-Frequency Rehabilitation with Customizable Assistance Levels

Experience how ALEx RS enables intensive, high-frequency rehabilitation with precise control over joint movements and torques. The exoskeleton offers guided assistance for complex upper limb motions, with customizable assistance levels to meet individual patient needs. Its dual-arm configuration supports bilateral rehabilitation, addressing motor impairments in both arms effectively.

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