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Arm Light Exoskeleton

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ALEx RS is founded on an innovative design utilizing a novel tendon actuated transmission to provide patients with exceptional comfort, lightweight, and transparency during use. It is a CE certified medical device classified as IIa. The design of ALEx RS originates from the extensive tradition in robotic design established at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and its application in clinical rehabilitation post-stroke.


ALEx is a six Degrees of Freedom (DoFs) mechanically compliant exoskeleton designed for the upper human limb. The exoskeleton includes four sensorized and actuated joints for shoulder abduction-adduction (SH-Abd-Ad), rotation (SH-Rot), and flexion-extension (SH-Flx-Ext), and elbow flexion-extension (EL-Flx-Ext). Additionally, it features two sensorized and passive joints for forearm pronation-supination (FO-Pro-Sup) and wrist flexion-extension (WR-Flx-Ext).

Thanks to its unique shoulder joint kinematics, the exoskeleton is easy to wear and can be adjusted to various anthropometric sizes effortlessly. ALEx can cover approximately 92% of the natural arm workspace, enabling robotic assistance during the execution of natural spatial movements.

Device dimensions
2124 mm x 3290 mm x 2120 mm
~160 kg
Power supply
100-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 VA
Moving parts weight of the exoskeletons
5,6 kg
Exoskeletons Degrees of Freedom
(4 actuated and sensorized + 2 sensorized)
  • Sensorized exoskeletons handles
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable exoskeleton distance
  • Possibility to use the exoskeletons individually or simultaneously
  • Wheels for moving the device
  • Database for patient management
  • Patient capacity evaluation functions
  • Automatic reports to monitor therapy progress
  • Permitted patient characteristics: min. height 1.50 m,
    max. height 1.90 m,
    weight ≤ 130 kg


Robotic devices offer intensive and high frequency rehabilitation treatment, accompanied by continuous performance monitoring and movement biomarkers to customize treatment levels based on the patient’s requirements.

Exoskeleton systems enable precise control over joint movements and articulation torques.

ALEx RS can offer guided assistance during intricate upper limb motions, adjusting assistance levels automatically or manually to suit the patient’s needs. The dual-arm configuration of the ALEx RS exoskeleton facilitates the treatment of motor impairments in both left and right arms, supporting bilateral rehabilitation training approaches.


ALEx RS can be successfully employed for upper limb neuromotor rehabilitation. Active assistance can be modulated at each upper extremity articulation, while intrinsic mechanical system compliance guarantees high safety standards for the patient.

Shoulder rehabilitation

ALEx RS can be utilized in shoulder surgery recovery due to its ability to selectively control both single joint range of motion and load.

ALEx RS‘s design is focused on mimicking the natural capabilities of the human arm. The innovative kinematics of ALEx RS allow for a wide range of motion, covering 92% of the human arm’s natural workspace. ALEx RS is specifically designed to assist with rehabilitation for essential daily activities such as self-care, dressing, and eating.

Treatment can be personalized to meet the needs of the patient by selectively controlling torque and movement at the shoulder and elbow joint levels.

Due to its redundant sensing feature, ALEx RS can identify even the slightest intention of movement in patients and adjust the level of assistance based on their requirements. This technology is suitable for both acute and chronic stages of upper limb stroke rehabilitation.

Wearing the ALEx RS exoskeleton is incredibly easy, and thanks to its lightweight design, the patient can move it effortlessly without any effort.

Gone are the days of dealing with intricate calibration processes to operate the device. With its absolute position sensors, ALEx RS is good to go as soon as it’s powered up, eliminating the need for any calibration steps.

Live map

Our most advanced solution is present inside over 200+ locations. Check the live map to see where ALEx RS is helping people every day inside Clinical Hospitals, Phisopterapy clinics, rehabilitation clinics and more.


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