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We design, project and build advanced technologies custom tailored for worldwide patient's needs.


We design, develop and produce wearable robotic systems and exoskeletons for rehabilitation, assistance and human-power augmentation. We are specialized in upper limbs and lower limb exoskeletons for improved mobility, enhanced force capability and recovery of motor function.

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The Track-hold is a rehabilitation device for upper limb passive training with support of gravity in spatial movements. Motion tracking of the full arm movement is granted by embedded new position sensing technologies. Relief of weight by means of gravity compensation facilitates movement execution in patients with hemiparesis and can effectively used in upper limb rehabilitation. Unless other devices, the change of amount of gravity support is based on the removal/addition of physical weights that can be easily adjusted by the therapist, exploiting an innovative patented counterbalancing mechanism. The system for its peculiarities is indicated also for community based rehabilitation and home therapy.